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3.5 Tonne Horsebox

A economical, compact, and easy to drive box with a gross maximum weight of 3,500kg meaning it can be driven by anyone with a standard licence. 

Our horsebox is one of the safest ways to transport your horse as its equipped with a full wall to the tack and changing area that is totally separate from the horses, with the addition of a small hatch window to see the horses should you need.

​The grooms area has two saddle racks, two bridle hooks, and room for any of your equipment. Inside the horse compartment there is additional storage over the cab for hay etc. 

Our horsebox is fitted with a roof vent in the horses area, as well as a camera to the horses, and reversing camera. 

The cab has air-con and the middle seat converts to a folding picnic table. 

Our 3.5 tonne can be hired for half a day at £55 and a full day at £95.