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We know what it's like with horses and sometimes things can take a lot longer than expected, shows get delayed and suddenly there’s a lot of pressure to get the Horsebox back on time to avoid expensive late fees!
We wanted to offer a more flexible option for our customers to get the most out of your hire and without the extra pressure!

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Our Pay-as-you-go service means you can hire for as little as 3 hours and tailor the day to suit you and your horses needs.  So next time your out and get stuck in traffic, your class is late or the unexpected happens, your horsebox hire time period is one less thing to worry about, simple return to us when your done, stress free!

How does it work?

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Collect the horsebox anytime from 6:30am

Enjoy your hire, whether it's 3 hours, or 7 - stress free

Return the horsebox anytime before 8pm

Get your money back for any hours you don't use


The minimum for Pay-as-you-go is £40 for 3 hours, each hour on-top of this is £10.

You will be required to make an initial payment of £160 before you hire, and any unused hours outside of your initial 3, will be refunded back to you upon safe return of the horsebox.

Terms & Conditions apply*